Maximising the value of top engineers

We helped a leading investment bank to develop, engage and connect their top technology engineers, creating several £m benefit and a thriving technical community.

Our client

The Technology function of a leading investment bank wanted to build and roll out new architectural standards following a merger.

Our challenge

The bank’s top technologists lacked the technical and organisational skills to lead this initiative quickly and effectively
Opportunities for greater collaboration across these people was limited, due to differences in heritage, location, culture and business lines
The lack of a compelling employee value proposition for technologists meant top talent were at risk of being poached by competitor banks

Our approach

We worked closely with an internal project team to design a development programme for technologists that focused on developing their technical skills and their ability to lead cross-business technology initiatives. We focused on developing engineering skills, providing an comprehensive development experience for people who did not want to pursue a management career track. We used case studies and business simulations to highlight how the new standards should be introduced and the role of technologists in facilitating this. We also coached participants 1-1 to develop participants’ communication and influencing skills

Our enduring effect

We changed lives and careers, as well as the bank’s profitability. This programme was such a success it has now run over ten successive years, developing into a firm-wide initiative with two intakes a year.

Projects conducted by participants have delivered tangible business benefits each year that produce a positive ROI.

Our client estimates that the gains from the informal collaborative efforts from each intake produce benefits typically exceed £1m per group.

Social network analysis has shown the development of an extensive network across this population, where only weak ties had originally existed. This is reflected in a thriving alumni association.

Typical participants comments from participants include:

“I now believe the organisation values technology and I want to ensure the best solutions”
“Probably the most challenge I have ever had in a work environment”
“It has been a revelation! I only wish I could have done this sooner in my career”
“I am much more confident speaking to our management, up to and including the CIO”