2018: change will change

Growing specialism at scale means knowing where to focus


2017 – how was it for you?

For us, it’s been a landmark twelve months.

  • We’ve delivered major programmes and assignments worldwide, working with more clients, in more countries, than ever before – and achieving our best ever financial results.
  • We’ve been joined by more than 20 new staff, doubled our graduate programme, expanded our internships and been cited as a case study by the ‘Great Place to Work’ foundation.
  • Our market-leading experts have spoken in keynote events and featured widely in the news.

We’ve also undertaken a number of strategic sector-shaping initiatives:

We’ve also successfully secured significant investment from our new partners Livingbridge Private Equity.

2018 is the year that change will change.

This is a pivotal moment – not just for Catalyst, but for all financial markets.

Ten years after the Lehman’s default, regulatory change has become business as usual. A cold coming may be had of it with a final blast of MiFID II in the New Year. But then what?

  • RegDebt will be reality. Firms will finally wake up to innovation – lost during the decade of compliance – with an appetite for new operating models and cost effective utilities that deliver lasting value to clients.
  • RegTech will go from strength to strength. The winners will be those nimble enough to run truly adaptive enterprises.
  • Buy-side versus sell-side barriers will break down. It won’t be ‘one size fits all’ – but it will be time to get smart about sharing best practice.
  • People will be centre stage. Behaviour, culture and engagement – the ‘why’ and ‘who’ – will matter as much as the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.
  • Brexit will fester on. Meanwhile banks will simply act – particularly around securing the best legal entity migration and talent strategy solutions.
  • Regulators will reinvent themselves.  Reporting requirements under SFTR will matter. A lot. But the bigger picture has moved on. The sector has been de-risked and bad practice (largely) regulated out.  It’s time for a new vision of what ‘good’ actually looks like.

Growing specialism at scale means knowing where to focus.

When it comes to running our own, Queen’s Award winning firm, our priority will be growing ‘specialism at scale’.  We already have a powerful reputation for excellence.  Now we intend to grow significantly and at pace.

  • We aim to treble the size of our client and delivery teams over the next 3 – 5 years (and we’ve already started).
  • We’re opening a new nearshore location.
  • We’re expanding our services and developing new offerings.
  • We’re considering a number of strategic acquisitions.

So if you want a firm that knows how to shape the future, this is the year to work with us – or join us.

Whatever your priorities for 2018, we wish you a joyful festive season and a productive New Year!

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