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2nd May Catalyst celebrates a record year, and announces the opening of its new nearshore hub in Vilnius, in partnership with Invest Lithuania

26th April Catalyst was named as a top 50 Best Workplace in the UK by Great Place to Work

26th February Catalyst acquires investment management specialists Knadel – we announce the first in a planned series of strategic acquisitions: read more here.

26th February Andrew Middleton is listed as a UK Winner in the Finance Monthly Game Changers Awards 2018 for progressive leaders in business transformation

15th February Christian Lee and Nadine Jatto talk to Julia Schieffer, Founding Editor of DerivSource in this podcast and Q&A session discussingBrexit: Deal or No Deal?

23rd January Christian Lee speaks to Luke Clancy at about why an EU lawmaker wants cost-benefit analysis of rejecting a CCP

11th January Paul Butler speaks to Steve Marlin at about the results of the landmark study of Risk Culture: banks fall short in eyes of staff


2oth December Sean Coote speaks to Dan Barnes at The Desk on whether Margin calls for bitcoin futures pose systemic threat.

18th December  Christian Lee speaks to Lynn Strongin Dodds at Derivsource on 2017: a year in review – the winds of change in the derivatives market.

13th December Christian Lee speaks to Robert Writer at The Desk on Optimising clearing costs for cheaper trading.

29th November Christian Lee speaks to Farah Khalique of the Financial Times’ Global Risk Regulator as Regulators Confront the Leverage Ratio Slaughterhouse.

21st November Nadine Jatto speaks to Lynn Strongin Dodds at Derivsource about why ESMA Pulls no Punches.

9th November Nadine Jatto speaks at the Lombard Risk webinar on How to Obtain Regulatory Certainty in the Face of Change.

23rd October: Katie Fox features in Best Execution, speaking to Lynn Strongin Dodds for the Derivatives Trading Overview of Q3 2017

16th October Andrew Middleton and Paul Landsman feature extensively in trade media as our partnership with Livingbridge is announced. You can read more in City AM.

This story also featured in

27th September Nadine Jatto speaks at the Lombard Risk conference on Regulatory Risk

13th September Catalyst’s work on employee engagement features as a case study on the HR Employer Zone from Great Place to Work: Catalyst the Journey from Good to Great

August Christian Lee speaks to Farah Khalique for Global Risk Regulator on CPMI-IOSCO’s proposed framework for supervisory stress testing of clearing houses

13th July Nadine Jatto speaks to Lynn Strongin Dodds at Derivsource about Dodd Frank: Scale of Change Remains Uncertain

July A new series of informal thought pieces featuring Catalyst experts and filmed by graduate intern Emily Collie is published on Catalyst YouTube and Catalyst Vimeo

8th June Christian Lee and Dhrupal Shah speak at City & Financial on MiFID II – Prioritising & Benchmarking Implementation

4th May Nadine Jatto and Stephen Loosley speak to Farah Khalique of  the Financial Times’ Global Risk Regulator as Stakes rise in the battle for euro clearing

3rd May Nadine Jatto speaks to Luke Clancy, Editor at large of on the Euro clearing location paper due on June 28

26th April Stephen Loosley speaks to Farah Khalique of the Financial Times’ Global Risk Regulator on The Battle for Euro Clearing

9th March Christian Lee speaks to Farah Khalique of Global Risk Regulator on ESMA ratchets up toughness of clearing house stress tests

31st January Christian Lee speaks to Luke Clancy at Risk Magazine on how the EC could use thresholds to squeeze London Euro clearing

16th January Christian Lee speaks to Dan Barnes at The Trade News on whether the US derivatives market will trump post Brexit Europe


1st December Stephen Loosley speaks to Dan Barnes at Futures & Options World on why MiFID timestamping raises tech issues 

*30th November Paul Butler speaks at Risk Training’s Conduct Risk – A Practitioner’s Guide two-day training course on How Conduct Risk Fits into an Overall Risk & Control Culture Change

November Greg Soulsby wins FCA 2016 TechSpring Jump Award for “a solution which has the biggest potential to move the UK regulatory market forward.”

26th October Stephen Loosley speaks to Paul Amery for Securities Finance Monitor as Europe’s buy-side responds to Eurex’s ISA Direct Clearing model.

21st October Nadine Jatto features in a DerivSource podcast on the implications of Brexit for Euro denonimated clearing

20th October Christian Lee speaks to Risk magazine’s Roberto Barros, on margining by commodities CCP EEX

10th October Nadine Jatto speaks to Louise Rowland of Best Execution on Brexit: the Leap into the Unknown

* 5th October Christian Lee speaks at the FIA’s Clearing in a Day conference, advising participants on managing risk at the clearinghouse. See also our full guide on Quick Guide to Cracking Clearing

29th September Christian Lee speaks to Lynn Strongin Dodds for DerivSource on OTC Derivatives Reform in Asia: A Long and Winding Road

29th July Stephen Loosley and Christian Lee speak to Lynn Strongin Dodds for DerivSource on The Bumpy Road to Brexit

*6th July Christian Lee is part of The Trade Derivatives Webinar on IRS – Readying the Buy-Side for Clearing

1st July Christian Lee speaks to Luke Clancy at Risk on CCPs and Brexit: Don’t forget the rest of the world

27th June Christian Lee speaks to Joe Parsons Editor of The Trade Derivatives for The Trade Blog on LCH Under the Brexit Microscope

27th June Christian Lee is quoted on the impact of Brexit for CCPs in efinancial news on London’s Clearing Hub Status Under Threat and in ISDA’s daily briefing

2nd June Nadine Jatto speaks to Farah Khalique for Global Risk Regulator on Resolution & Recovery: Living Wills – Thurd times the Charm

5th May Christian Lee speaks to Dan Barnes for Global Risk Regulator on Cyber Resilience of Financia Infrastructure – Providers Under Scrutiny

25th April Damon Batten speaks to Roberto Barros at Risk on MiFID II transparency rules shake up bank commodity desks

*16th March Lifan Zhang speaks in this DerivSource podcast on Swap Futures – are they failing to ignite interest?

*9th March Christian Lee and Damon Batten speak at the City & Financial Conference on Understanding Transaction & Trade Reporting Under MiFID II

8th March Christian Lee speaks to Cecile Sourbes from Risk on CCPs face pressure to deal with cyber security threats.

25th April Damon Batten speaks to Roberto Barros for Risk on MiFID II transparency rules shakeup bank commodity desks.

18th February Damon Batten speaks to Lynn Strongin Dodds for FTF News on CFTC – UE Finally Agree on a Clearing Deal 


9th November: Christian Lee features in Best Execution: Brexit – facing the unknown. You can also read Stephen Loosley’s earlier Brexit blog here.

3rd September: Damon Batten features in the OTC Rocket: MiFID II – how to capitalise on the creative destruction of the status quo (an abridged version of our whitepaper of the same name)

25th August: Christian Lee features in Clearing brokers send balance sheet allocations to Basel 

9th August: Damon Batten features in the OTC Space: MiFID II – how to capitalise on the creative destruction of the status quo

Summer 2015Stephen Loosley features in Automated Trader: Collateral Advantage – Issue 37

18th JuneStephen Loosley features in HFM Week: How can you keep your clearing costs under control?

17th June: Catalyst Tokyo team feature in Smooth operator: Japan looks to ease into electronic trading

14th June: Catalyst Tokyo team feature in Low CCP compression rates in Japan vex foreign banks

27th May: Greg Davis features in Top Consultant: Catalyst shows the way with Queen’s Award

May: Christian Lee features in Global Risk Regulator: Countdown begins to clearing house resilience rules

21st April: Catalyst Wins Queen’s Award for Impact on Global Financial Markets – Bobsguide

21st April: Catalyst Wins Queen’s Award for Impact on Global Financial Markets – Leaprate

21st April: Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2015: A boost to business features – Financial Times

24th March: Catalyst features in Goldman hikes clearing fees by 75bp as leverage ratio bites

18th February: Hedge Week: Catalyst says new approach to trade compression can save hedge funds millions each year

16th February: The Trade News: Clearing brokers to raise fee structure for buy-side, says Catalyst

24th March: Catalyst features in Goldman hikes clearing fees by 75bp as leverage ratio bites

20th March: Catalyst features in Unclear incentives: do capital and margin rules support CCPs?

26th February: Catalyst features in  The Hedge Fund Law Report: Interest Rate Swap Compression for Hedge Fund Managers – Mechanics, Fee Savings, Risk Context and Regulatory Context

19th February: Catalyst features in  DerivSource: Catalyst Re-Engineers Compression to save Hedge Funds $mlns Through OTC IRS Portfolio Optimisation

19th February: Catalyst features in  Global Banking & Finance Review: Catalyst Re-Engineers Compression to save Hedge Funds $mlns Through OTC IRS Portfolio Optimisation

16th February: Catalyst features in  Global Custodian: Clearing Brokers to Raise Fee Structure for Hedge Funds, says Catalyst

13th February: Catalyst features in  Bobsguide: Catalyst Re-Engineers Compression to Save Hedge Funds $mlns Through OTC IRS Portfolio Optimisation

February edition: Catalyst features in  Cooconnect: How to avoid massive escalation in swap clearing costs features extended coverage of our work on compression

12th February: Wall Street Journal European Edition: Christian Lee features in ‘Regulators risk putting the brake on innovation with red flag outlook’


21st October: Catalyst features in  Global Custodian: Catalyst Supports New Guidance for CCP Recovery Plans

11th September: Catalyst features in  Reuters: EU OTC derivatives proposals threaten Asian regulatory clash

13th September: Christian Lee features in Global Banking & Finance Review on Intraday Liquidity – How Banks Can Maximise the Balance Sheet Benefits of the Jan 15 BCBS deadline

21st August: Catalyst Tokyo team feature in Reuters: Banks push for delay to introduction of derivatives rules 

April EditionThe Psychologist: From the trading floor to the training room Volume 27 No 4 profiles Richard Bidder

7th April: Catalyst Tokyo team feature in Asia dealers review CCP risk management approaches

7th April: Catalyst Tokyo team Asia dealers review CCP risk management approaches


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