Our Values

These five principles guide everything we do.

In 2016, we redefined the values that are at the heart of our firm, through a collaborative process involving all staff.

The values we created through this process guide how we behave, provide a framework for how we do business and help us maintain our positive reputation.  ​

In each case, we have developed examples of what the value means in practice in terms of making decisions, working with clients, working with colleagues, managing ourselves and creating client solutions.  These are our values:

Challenge and Ambition 

  • We have an appetite for challenge – we are ambitious for ourselves, for our clients and for joint success.
Making decisions We set our sights high. We don’t opt for the easy decision. We avoid the path of least resistance. We challenge. We are honest with ourselves and each other about being able to do more. We are group smart. We build on each other.
Working with clients We are ambitious for our clients – we share their goals. We demonstrate our value in part by holding the client to our standards. We inspire them to greater success. We use our values to benefit the combined team.
Working with colleagues We actively show our drive, enthusiasm and commitment when working with colleagues. We welcome constructive challenge at all levels. We are not selfish in our ambition but value accomplishment and achievement as part of collaborative team. We proactively take initiative on problems or tasks without being asked to, doing what needs to be done to drive forward success for our clients, the team and the company.
Managing ourselves We have ambition wider than delivery success. We are driven to achieve team outcomes for the firm. We have group initiatives, group success, there are no one man bands.
Creating client solutions We have a desire to be challenged. We challenge each other and the client to aim higher, do more, build differentiation. Our solutions are a function of combining teams, combining capabilities


Collaboration and Teamwork ​

  • We believe in combining diverse skills and expertise to build value with our clients.​ 
Making decisions We seek the input of others for the value of their perspective, experience, knowledge and expertise that might be relevant or useful to understand a particular situation. Whilst being inclusive doesn’t mean that every decision is based on groupthink, it does mean we can be more confident in our decision making.
Working with clients We do not try to dominate clients or their teams, we integrate with and work alongside them.  We offer ideas and solutions and we are comfortable in letting client teams develop them.  We take time to understand what our clients are trying to achieve, and look for ways to support them with our own expertise and that of our colleagues.
Working with colleagues We seek to understand the range of skills, experience, knowledge and expertise that exists within Catalyst.  We spend time getting to know and understand all our colleagues, and the challenges they are dealing with either on or off client site.  We offer our time and expertise to others unconditionally.
Managing ourselves We don’t try to be a lone ranger.  We take time out to ensure others understand what we are capable of, motivated by helping others not self-promotion. We are not precious or defensive about our own ideas, work or materials and believe that everything we do can be improved by the input of others.
Creating client solutions We actively seek out the full range of expertise within Catalyst to provide better, more enduring solutions for our clients, either on assignment or in the production of proposals.  We don’t try to be individual heroes.  We offer ourselves to other teams without self-interest, in the hope that we might be able to help and support them.


Honesty & Fairness 

  • Honest, fair and respectful relationships are the foundation of our business.
Making decisions We see both/all sides of an issue and will conclude and decide with logical, open and transparent reasoning.
Working with clients We do the right thing by our clients through telling it straight with openness and honesty. We provide advice that has their interests at the heart of it.
Creating client solutions We recommend and develop the most appropriate solutions. This is not necessarily either the easiest or that which the client desires if we do not believe in the solution.
Working with colleagues We communicate in an apolitical, straightforward, respectful manner. We hold each other to account through constructive, open and honest feedback. We treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves and where we fall short, we gracefully accept the feedback.
Managing ourselves We are honest with ourselves in striving to be the best we can and in delivering the best we can for our clients. We demonstrate strong work ethic and commitment, putting in the effort and thought into all that we do.

Expertise with Humility 

  • We apply our expertise with confidence and humility
Making decisions We recognise that being a decision maker does not mean knowing more than the experts we have asked to advise us. We listen to different opinions while retaining responsibility for making difficult choices.
Working with clients  We are assertive, not boastful. We do not impose our solutions; we listen to the ‘real’ problem and see the whole person, understanding what is driving their behaviour. We are tactful, fair and firm and can nimbly adapt ourselves to the client’s context.
Working with colleagues  We know our own strength and value strength in others. We do not let professional jealousy cloud our judgement or affect our behaviour. We accept praise with grace and give others the credit they deserve.
Managing ourselves  We understand that we are not perfect and recognise that we are stronger together. We admit quickly when we have made mistakes or need help – and we let others help us.
Creating client solutions  We understand that we do not live in a bubble and that our market, clients and technologies are developing fast. We increase the value of our IP by staying constantly abreast of new market entrants, disruptive technologies and competitor advantages to ensure we always give clients the best solution. Sometimes this will mean admitting we are not expert in a subject and/or turning down work, so that we can excel in and develop our real strengths.


Fun & Enjoyment 

  • We enjoy our work and have fun doing it.
Making decisions We see disagreements as central to collaboration, and enjoy the process of robust discussions to get to the right outcome. We feel a real sense of achievement when we successfully get through a difficult round of decision-making. We don’t avoid the difficult decisions, or take the easy option that meets but does not stretch our capabilities. We are prepared to make the tough calls when there is no simple right or wrong option, and we know we will encounter some push-back. We are prepared to make decisions in the absence of complete information
Working with clients We seek to make working together with clients an enjoyable experience for both us and them. We look forward to getting together with them, and we know they feel the same about working with us. There is a real sense of camaraderie, and having fun is not viewed as frivolous but as an indication that together we are doing great work.
Working with colleagues We look forward to and relish the time we spend together. It does not feel like work, but more like play. We do not take ourselves too seriously, and can laugh at ourselves and our frailties and failings along with others. While we do not see eye-to-eye on everything, and can have real disagreements and conflicts, we never damage the underlying fabric that forms a strong partnership and respect for each other.
Managing ourselves We maintain an active balance between the challenges we have and our capabilities to meet those challenges. This means we do not overload ourselves with challenges we can’t meet, or set the bar low so that we are not stretched. We take action to ensure work remains intrinsically motivating and enjoyable, and speak out if we feel this essential feature gets forgotten or overlooked.
Creating client solutions We enjoy the process of developing solutions to difficult client problems, and see this as a key aspect of our work. We surprise ourselves with the high quality, creativity, and simplicity of the solutions we create for our clients. We feel that with each solution we have grown in some way rather than duplicating something we have done before without much thought or attention.


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