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We’re world-leading experts in clearing, risk and regulation.

We identify, shape and deliver complex technology change.

We streamline post-trade models and processes.

We create high performance through people.

We give clients an accurate, consolidated view across their entire portfolio.

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  • A - GA - G
    • Alex Wescomb

      Alex Wescomb

      Alex is a change management professional with over 9 years’ banking experience within major change […]

    • Alistair Wooster

      Alistair Wooster

      Alistair has more than 18 years’ consulting experience, working across a number of geographies including the European, […]

    • Andrew Middleton

      Andrew Middleton

      Andrew is our Chief Executive Officer. He has over 30 years’ business experience gained in […]

    • Asad Ullah

      Asad Ullah

      Asad is a principal consultant in our Organisational Development team. He has wide-ranging experience in management […]

    • Carys Davies

      Carys Davies

      Carys is our Team Administrator within Client Services, in a multi-functional role. Managing administration tasks […]

    • Chris Cooke

      Chris Cooke

      Chris is a specialist in designing and delivering leadership and talent programmes to develop high performance […]

    • Chris Fitzhenry

      Chris Fitzhenry

      Chris Fitzhenry has over 15 years of consultancy experience in financial services. He specialises in […]

    • Christian Lee

      Christian Lee

      Christian leads our specialist Clearing, Risk & Regulatory team and is acknowledged as a world-leading authority […]

    • Colin Brown

      Colin Brown

      Colin has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, working predominantly as a project, programme […]

    • Colin Holmes

      Colin Holmes

      Colin has over 15 years’ experience as a software engineer, building and managing front office […]

    • Corinna Athanasopoulos

      Corinna Athanasopoulos

      Corinna has extensive experience as a business analyst having worked on a large number of […]

    • Damien Monfort

      Damien Monfort

      Damien is an experienced business analyst and project manager who has led teams driving the […]

    • Dan Worth

      Dan Worth

      Dan is an experienced project manager and business analyst with experience leading and working on […]

    • Daniel McAtamney

      Daniel McAtamney

      Dan leads on finance, accounting and IT services as part of our central support team.

    • Debbie Kirby

      Debbie Kirby

      Debbie has joined our Client Services team as a Project Coordinator. She will be working […]

    • Deborah Challinor

      Deborah Challinor

      Deborah is a Partner in our Organisational Development team. She has a highly pragmatic approach, […]

    • Dhrupal Shah

      Dhrupal Shah

      Dhrupal is a senior project and program manager with over 11 years’ experience in delivering business and […]

    • Disha Rohatgi

      Disha Rohatgi

      Disha is a post-trade specialist and has managed various front-to-back functions within investment banking, spanning […]

    • Edgar Stankus

      Edgar Stankus

      Edgar is an expert project manager and business analyst, experienced at working across multiple projects […]

    • Elizabeth King

      Elizabeth King

      Elizabeth is a consultant practitioner within our organisational development team. She works with clients in the UK […]

    • Emily Bennett

      Emily Bennett

      Emily leads our Client Services team and supports client delivery across our leadership and development […]

    • Emma Eadsforth

      Emma Eadsforth

      Emma is a senior Project and Programme Manager with over 6 years’ experience delivering business […]

    • Emma Pickens

      Emma Pickens

      Emma has joined Catalyst as a Marketing Executive and is a graduate from the University of […]

    • Eric Almeida

      Eric Almeida

      Eric is an experienced project manager, business analyst and BI developer with a background in […]

    • Gavin Brown

      Gavin Brown

      Gavin has 12 years’ management consulting experience, working globally across multiple sectors in a variety of […]

  • H - QH - Q
    • Hamish Woodhouse

      Hamish Woodhouse

      Hamish has three years of experience in financial services, across a diverse range of environments […]
    • Harry O’Connell

      Harry O’Connell

        Harry is a Consultant with a BSc in Banking, Finance & Management and was […]
    • Ian Middleton

      Ian Middleton

      Ian is a senior Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience in financial services in […]
    • Jack Martin

      Jack Martin

      Jack has a BSc in Banking, Finance & Management from Loughborough University, and completed an […]
    • James Carter

      James Carter

      James is a senior technology and programme manager. He has over 14 years’ experience in […]
    • Jenna Rollandi

      Jenna Rollandi

      Jenna joins Catalyst as our Office Administrator.  The role covers office and infrastructure support including […]
    • Kat Astley

      Kat Astley

      Kat brings more than 12 years of experience in high performance team development, derived from […]
    • Katie Fox

      Katie Fox

      Katie is a financial regulation specialist with a keen understanding of the economic impact of regulation, as […]
    • Kieran Choate

      Kieran Choate

      Kieran is a graduate consultant with a BSc in Economics. He has experience in PMO […]
    • Larissa Miller

      Larissa Miller

      Larissa’s role is to identify client consulting opportunities, as well as manage our in-house direct recruitment activities. She […]
    • Leah Branco

      Leah Branco

      Leah is a consultant in our Organisational Development team, focused on coaching and development, particularly for […]
    • Louise Gruppetta

      Louise Gruppetta

      Louise is part of our central support team and works closely with Daniel McAtamney on finance and accounts.
    • Malcolm Millar

      Malcolm Millar

      Malcolm is our Head of Finance & Operations and Company Secretary, with a remit that […]
    • Manoj Lad

      Manoj Lad

      Manoj has gained over 20 years’ experience having worked as a trader and structurer, and […]
    • Mark Taylor

      Mark Taylor

      Mark is a senior project manager with over seven years’ experience of planning and delivering […]
    • Matt Maher

      Matt Maher

      Matt’s role at Catalyst is to source and manage recruitment across Catalyst. He has a […]
    • Matt Parkinson

      Matt Parkinson

      Matt Parkinson is our Chief Commercial Officer, company director and Board member. He is an experienced […]
    • Michael Boham

      Michael Boham

      Michael is an experienced Financial Services Consultant and Business Analyst. He has particular experience in […]
    • Michael Lutterodt

      Michael Lutterodt

      Michael has over six years’ experience in consulting and line management duties within financial services […]
    • Naeha Sood

      Naeha Sood

      Naeha has over 8 years’ experience working within the trading environment of companies in both […]
    • Neeraj Madan

      Neeraj Madan

      Neeraj has over 10 years experience supporting functions such as: settlements, ops risk, finance and […]
    • Owen Davies

      Owen Davies

      Owen is a consultant in our Core Consulting Capability. He has extensive project management experience […]
    • Paul Butler

      Paul Butler

      Paul has more than 26 years’ experience in management and organisational change within investment banking, seeing […]
    • Peter Stone

      Peter Stone

      Peter is a member of our Board and our Chief Client Officer. He oversees the […]
    • Philip Brackx

      Philip Brackx

      Philip has over 15 years’ experience within banking, covering order and trade processing spanning both […]
    • Philip Ullah

      Philip Ullah

      Dr Philip Ullah is an acknowledged authority on topics as diverse as leadership, collaboration, human factors […]
  • R - ZR - Z
    • Remi Williams

      Remi Williams

      Remi is a consultant within our Core Consulting team, with a track record of delivering […]
    • Richard Bidder

      Richard Bidder

      Richard is Head of Organisational Development, with a track record of 15 years’ experience in […]
    • Rob Lucking

      Rob Lucking

      Rob is a certified Financial Risk Manager with 17 years’ experience working for banks, brokers […]
    • Sami AlKhair

      Sami AlKhair

      Sami is a graduate consultant with a BSc in Financial Economics, where his thesis focused on […]
    • Sarah Curle

      Sarah Curle

      Sarah is the Executive Assistant to our CEO Andrew Middleton and Board, and works within the […]
    • Sean Coote

      Sean Coote

      Sean is an expert project and operations manager in senior positions covering sell-side, buy-side and CCP clearing […]
    • Simon Wheatley

      Simon Wheatley

      Respected and extremely knowledgeable in the practical aspects of regulation and governance, Simon has more […]
    • Sophie Stead

      Sophie Stead

      Sophie is our HR & Talent Manager dedicated to motivating, retaining and developing our people. […]
    • Stephen Loosley

      Stephen Loosley

      Stephen is a Catalyst Partner and leading expert in risk management, with experience spanning both […]
    • Sue Primmer

      Sue Primmer

      Sue leads our marketing and communications activities and has specialised in financial services for the past […]
    • Sunny Pathmanaban

      Sunny Pathmanaban

      Sunny is an operations specialist with particular expertise in delivering complex system and process enhancements and major […]
    • Sura Alnaher

      Sura Alnaher

      Sura specialises in IT enabled business transformation with more than 5 years’ experience of change management consulting for […]
    • Svetlana Rynkevich

      Svetlana Rynkevich

      Sveta has over 8 years’ experience in investment banking, managing trade matching, settlement, reconciliation and […]
    • Toby Abbs

      Toby Abbs

      Toby is a Graduate Consultant with a BA in History in Politics and is currently […]
    • Tony Ndu

      Tony Ndu

      Tony has more than 15 years’ experience in financial services technology and operations, specialising in […]
    • Ushir Patel

      Ushir Patel

      Ushir has more than 17 years’ investment banking experience within major change programmes and line […]