How adaptive is your enterprise?

It’s time to go beyond agile and DevOps: join our survey to find out what happens next.

Are you a frustrated technologist, keen to make your firm go faster?

We’ve spent more than two decades advising the world’s largest financial firms.  And everyone we speak to wants to increase value, improve stability and drive cost efficiency, while reducing lead time to make themselves more adaptive and successful.

  • So what’s stopping you?

We think it’s time to find out.  We also think you probably already have many of the answers you need to do more and go further, faster. But what’s lacking is shared understanding and support to tackle common concerns, get a clear view of where you stand in relation to your peers – and see what you should do next.

That’s why we’re are running a new, cross-industry survey: the Catalyst Adaptive Enterprise Study 2017. 

  • Beyond the conventional research into Agile and DevOps, our intention is to gain a deeper understanding into the impact leadership, people, culture, and organisational structure have in helping organisations become more effective.
  • Our study will combine cross industry data with deeper studies into specific organisations, providing analysis, benchmarking insights and understanding of how your organisational culture helps or hinders lean, agile and DevOps improvements and ways of working.
  • Join us now to find out how to make your organisation more adaptive and effective – the survey is only open until 31st October.

You can take part in the survey completely anonymously. If you’d like to receive a copy of the insights, analysis and benchmarking results, leave an email address so that we can share our findings with you.

  • Access the Catalyst Adaptive Enterprise study here.
  • Phase 1 of the survey will close on 31st October.
  • Preliminary results will be available from 30th November.

In parallel with the survey, we are also conducting a number of in depth 1-1 interviews with senior technologists.

  • If you’d like to be involved in that deeper study, please let us know.
  • Contact to apply.

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