Change Excellence

We have a unique research database of several hundred recent financial markets transformation programmes. This compelling evidence shows how a small number of critical human factors must be in place to achieve enduring success. Based on these unique insights, we design and run targeted, cost-effective interventions for clients investing in major change. Drawing on our specialisms in high performance behaviours and change excellence, we help clients address the human factors that decide whether or not transformations succeed and whether people and organisations thrive in their new environment.

Our key services are aligned with the crucial areas that our research tells us are the critical conditions of success, specifically:

Sponsorship effectiveness

The sponsor’s role is foundational to success. Theirs is the key point of accountability, ownership and focus on business outcomes. We run sponsor effectiveness workshops for our clients to drive up their performance in this critical role. Our workshops cover

  • understanding your role as a sponsor
  • building effective partnerships with the programme lead
  • awareness of the behaviours that support – or can derail – success
  • spotting the warning signs of programes in distress
  • plan continuation errors and how to avoid them

Programme Management and Governance Excellence

High quality planning, control and decision-making is required to optimise the return on investment in change.  While budgets are increasingly squeezed, there is no reduction in the pressure to change. To maximise programme effectiveness and efficiency, we have developed a training solution for programme managers, project managers and the other governance roles responsible for successful delivery. Our training covers both hard and soft skills involved in

  • business case development and evaluation
  • governance and steering effectiveness
  • stakeholder enrollment
  • transparency and recovery
  • collaboration, influencing and conflict resolution

Communications and Collaboration Excellence

We provide our client assignment teams with the specialist skills involved in overcoming potential resistance to change and inculcating the new behaviours called for by transformation or operating model change implementation. We work with clients to design and deliver bespoke events to embed major change, including

  • communications design and planning
  • leadership ‘town hall’ event design and facilitation
  • programme team ‘offsite’ team building and co-ordination event design and facilitation
  • business blueprinting workshop design and facilitation
  • change management and managing performance through transition workshops

Delivering effective change by drawing on multiple sources of expertise is fundamental to everything we do for our clients.  We apply our people, change excellence approach and high performance expertise throughout our wider specialisms in risk and regulation, technology management, trade operations and enterprise-wide collateral.