Collaborative Leadership and High Performance Teams

As financial services sector specialists, we understand the collaborative leadership challenges of sustaining high performance while at the same time achieving transformation through often disparate, global teams in an ever-changing, highly regulated and increasingly complex environment.  Our unique behavioural and leadership model underpins our approach to coaching individual leaders, developing senior teams and building the extended capability necessary to create the world-class organisations of the future.

Coaching individual leaders

Often the most critical stage of any leadership journey is the first hundred days. This is where the leader gets to grips with defining success in their role, understanding the perceptions and realities of current performance, redefining their personal brand and building critical stakeholder and team relationships. This is also a point where external guidance and support can be invaluable.  For this reason, we support our clients through extended, multi-expert coaching process that provides objective behavioural feedback, coupled with external expert insight and advice.

Many of the industry’s foremost technology and operations executives have benefited from our unique coaching input; some of them on multiple occasions as their careers have developed through a series of increasingly challenging roles.

Developing senior teams

Once the leader has anchored their first hundred days, the next critical stage is the development and mobilisation of a high performing leadership team. Over the last 20 years of specialising in this area, we have developed a unique set of proprietary diagnostics, assessments and development methods to achieve

  • high levels of cohesion and buy-in
  • creation and cascading of shared vision and goals
  • effective role modelling and rewarding desired behaviours and goals
  • the creation of similarly high performing teams at the next level in the organisation

Drawing on this intellectual property, our background in high performance behaviours and our industry expertise, we partner with our clients to create outstanding ‘watershed’ team building programmes and events.

Building extended capability

Enduring transformation invariably entails building new capability and culture in the body of an organisation. To succeed, it is essential to collapse the degrees of separation between the leadership vision and the day to day reality of the current situation.

We work with our clients to achieve this through creating and delivering:

  • ‘Future leader’ change programmes, targeted at the key talent and influencers in the organisation and building these into a powerful network of ‘cultural architects’ for the new way of working.
  • ‘Core capability’, ‘advanced management’ and ‘management essentials’ skills programmes, targeted at multiple management levels to cascade core messages and drive organisational change from the middle out.
  • Objective setting, performance management, feedback and recognition and reward systems, tied into balanced scorecards to drive the implementation and adoption of change.

June 2013 Course Participant:

“I can honestly say that in the 30 years that I have been working in IT (although it used to be called data processing when I started)  this has been the best training programme I have attended  ever!”