Specialist talent

We are research leaders into high performance. We work with leading figures in the industry to define and address the key challenges in attracting, retaining and developing the most talented specialists to succeed now and in the future. We offer a suite of tailored programmes to develop top specialists to even higher levels of performance and at the same time to network them globally to foster enterprise wide collaboration and innovation.

Over the last 21 years, our unique programmes have helped clients worldwide to build career paths and create thriving expert communities for top technologists and other specialist talent.

Our programmes run group-wide in some of the worlds biggest banks, and we are delighted that one of our clients has just won a platinum award for for ‘People Excellence – Empowering People 2015′ for their group-wide Enterprise Engineer Programme (EEP). This is the highest ranking internal award that any staff development programme in their organisation can win.

We are also proud that we ourselves have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2015 for our impact on global financial markets.

Specialist talent creates competitive advantage. Consider the value created by the highest performing information technology engineers or most experienced transformation change programme managers. Often regarded as ‘individual contributors’, people in these roles tend to operate in isolation from one another. However our experience is that joining them up can unlock massive value in the sharing of organisational knowledge and adoption of best practice.

One of the key challenges in developing these specialists is that they tend not to fit easily into typical management progression structures. Their skills can be lost when the individual hits a ‘glass ceiling’ or is forced down a management path for which they are not well suited, putting the organisation at risk of knowledge churn.

Knowing how to attract, develop, retain and get the best out of these individuals is therefore a major organisational development priority for today’s technology and operations functions. Our specialist talent programmes are designed to address these issues, making us a unique provider in this field. We have more than 20 years’ experience in developing Enterprise Engineer, Distinguished Engineer, Project Management Excellence and other similar specialist solutions for multiple top tier industry players.

While each is bespoke, all our programmes share a common DNA of

  • technical specialist career path progression and recognition for contribution and achievement
  • behavioural role modelling and mentoring with high performance behaviour assessment and development
  • network and community formation applied to solving boundary-spanning collaboration and innovation challenges.

As a result of our extensive research and practice in this area, we are now recognised thought leaders in this field, able to draw on multiple practical engagements, frameworks and performance benchmarks to accelerate progress with our clients.