Careers at Catalyst

We’re proud to be an employer of choice for some of the most talented people in our sector. As experts in talent development for clients, we are equally committed to developing our own staff.

Larissa Miller, talent spotter and recruitment manager at Catalyst

Values driven. Award winning

This is an exciting time for Catalyst. We are growing at an astonishing rate, acquiring new companies, expanding client business and improving our profitability. The secret of our success is simple. We hire outstanding people to deliver excellent work. Small wonder we are be a 2018 UK Best Workplace™.

Our culture

Our aim is to make work enjoyable. It’s one reason we're a top 50 2018 UK Best Workplace™
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Our values

Our values make all the difference. How we live our values defines who we are
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Diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is central to our ethos as it is our clients'
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